At Barking Muse, we are a Fear Free enrichment-focused Day Camp designed exclusively for small dogs. Your furry friends will enjoy a perfect blend of mental stimulation, physical exercise, and wholesome socialization with limited open play time. This approach helps avoid injuries and daycare burnout, ensuring your dog stays happy and healthy. Studies show that only 5% of dogs actually enjoy open play all day long, which is why our tailored activities create a safer and more enjoyable experience.

Tailored Enrichment Styles

  • Sensory Enrichment: Engage your dog's senses with scent trails, textured toys, soothing music, and visual stimulations, ensuring constant sensory engagement.
    Prevents boredom & reduces anxiety.
  • Nutritional Enrichment: Interactive feeding puzzles and healthy treats stimulate your dog’s mind while promoting a balanced diet tailored to their needs.
    Encourages healthy eating & mental stimulation.
  • Occupational Enrichment: Problem-solving games, agility courses, and other mentally stimulating activities fulfill your dog’s need for a sense of purpose and accomplishment.
    Provides mental stimulation & a sense of achievement.
  • Physical Enrichment: Guided play, gentle obstacle courses, and supervised group activities keep your dog fit and active without the risk of injury.
    Promotes fitness & prevents obesity.
  • Social Enrichment: Curated social interactions match your dog's personality and comfort level, with small, supervised playgroups and one-on-one time with our trained staff to develop healthy social skills in a safe environment.
    Builds social skills & reduces isolation.

It's not just a camp; it's a place your dog will eagerly anticipate returning to!

Through communication, progress reports and social media footage, you will have the comfort of knowing just how much fun your dog has with us, daily! Like us humans, dogs love new and changing entertainment.


Bubbles? Ball play? Themed parties? Agility fun? Our daily changing activities provide a new and fun experience for your pup to live their best life. Throughout the day, our dog-loving staff will hold organized activities with our club members.

We specialize in providing comfort and care for all doggos. From cozy nap spots to playful activities, our facility is designed to ensure that every furry friend feels right at home. With our attentive staff and welcoming atmosphere, you can trust that your beloved pet will receive the love and attention they deserve, making their time with us as enjoyable as possible. 

Our furry friends must all have a temperament evaluation, to ensure they are comfortable and a healthy match to engage in the fun. Our staff will conduct a 1-on-1 meet and greet and slowly assimilate your dog to the appropriate space , based on size and temperament.